About Us

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
- Alan Turing, father of modern computer science

Our mission is to give all kids the ability to harness the power of technology by teaching them how to code. We want to show kids the fun of coding, develop a love for the sciences within them, and give them a valuable foundation in programming before they reach high school.

We build innovative curriculum and make it freely available online, so anyone can benefit from it.

We currently have locations in both Pittsburgh, PA, and Singapore. Our team is a group of passionate high school students who are dedicated to teaching kids about computer science.

We're trying to inspire the next generation of computer scientists

Every day, more and more young kids are pushed away from the sciences, thinking they are not fun, boring, and difficult. Code To Create aspires to change that. Through fun, interactive, and intuitive teaching methods and curriculum, we give students a strong foundation of programming skills that they can use and build off of for their entire life. In all, our main mission is to inspire more young students to have a love for the sciences, and to have more and more kids be drawn to things such as coding, science projects, and math competitions.

We make knowledge free and available to everyone

We publish all of our curriculum and resources here on our website so that anyone, anywhere is able to learn to code from them. In our classes and camps, we work with students on forming a deep understanding of computational concepts through fun and interactive lessons. This conceptual foundation is what allows students to quickly understand the complex ideas of programming and progress their knowledge. Additionally, we focus on each student's individual learning styles in order to ensure a better understanding of material by facilitating all students to progress at their own pace.

We've been in the press

Remake Learning Days

"In Fox Chapel Area School District ... a Code to Create after school club was created by two high school students. These students committed to a one day a week after school club that teaches Java computer coding skills to younger students."  Read more...


"Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh, PA, integrates computer science curriculum for more than 2,000 elementary school students, including the student-created and facilitated program, Code to Create."  Read more...

The Sprout Fund

We are proudly supported by the Sprout Fund: an organization that supports innovative ideas that are catalyzing change and making a positive impact in the Pittsburgh Area.

We graciously thank the Sprout Fund and their Change Machine program for funding our endeavors and making our goals possible.  Read more...