Meet Our Team

We're a team of passionate high school students who are dedicated to teaching kids about computer science.

Sohit Gatiganti


Sohit is a senior at Singapore American School who co-founded and directs the Singapore chapter and oversees the organization as a whole. He dedicates himself to an array of interests including aerospace, math, chemistry, web development, machine learning, and app development. On top of that, he is a passionate Taekwondo student as well the captain of the school robotics team.

Sarthak Navjivan


Sarthak is a freshman studying computer science at Georgia Tech who started Code To Create in January, 2016, to provide a platform for students to learn how to code. He has deep interests in coding, math, music, and martial arts. Having graduated from high school, Sarthak is a bit sad to take a step back in the organization, but he can't wait to see what the new leadership team achieves.

Andreas Paljug


Andreas is a freshman studying computer science at Georgia Tech who co-founded Code To Create with Sarthak. He is an avid coder with strong interests in Java, robotics, and cyber security. Outside of computer science, Andreas is a dedicated bassist who enjoys playing a wide variety of genres and performs for multiple orchestras. He also enjoys running and playing volleyball.


Alexa Selwood

Former Secretary

Alexa is a freshman studying business at Northeastern University. She was an integral part of the organization's intial years, helping coordinate outreach as well as teach classes. She also enjoys running, robotics, and is a former member of the local Girls of Steel FIRST Robotics team.

Braddock Lalor

Former Treasurer

Braddock is a freshman studying business at the University of Michigan. He used to manage the organization's finances and help teach classes. Along with a passion for coding, Brad works as a caddie and loves to run.