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Our Mission is Simple.

As the world advances technologically, there exists a growing deficit of technically-oriented professionals, students, and problem-solvers. This deficit creates a myriad of problems, ranging from not having enough individuals in STEM, to the public having little interest in STEM altogether, which hinders the technological development of our society.

CodetoCreate (aka. c2create) aims to help satiate this deficit through educational, interactive experiences and engaging learning resources, while also fostering a community of like-minded individuals that solve problems.

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What we Value.

Computer Literacy is Extremely Important for our Future.

In our modern society, we believe that having a basic grasp on computing and computer concepts is essential to not only for students and professionals, but also for survival. CodeToCreate is dedicated to help teach these computing concepts for free.

Learning should be Fun.

CodeToCreate is dedicated to creating projects and lessons that are not only intuitive, but also enjoyable. Gone are the days of boring and clunky lectures, and we believe that replacing obsolete practices with modern, relevant ones will help drive retention and external interest on the topic.

Everyone is Equal. No Exceptions.

Historically, the STEM field has been full of inequalities which are pointless and further negatively affect the progression of the field. Additionally, we recognize that every student is unique. Because of this, CodeToCreate is dedicated to not only create materials that highlight the progression of the STEM field towards a more equal future, but also create materials that allows for every student to succeed, no exceptions. 

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